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MovingTipsHaving moved many times, I have learned several tricks that those preparing to move may find useful. Moving can be stressful and painful if you do not take adequate time and organize for the move. Organization does not need to be extensive, and any one can do it with just a little bit of effort. Following this simple advice, will make your move easier and less stressful. First, prepare for the move in advance by following these packing tips:

  • Pack one room at a time
  • Label each box with the room name and a number/total number (i.e. Master Bedroom 1 of 5)
  • Do not overload boxes
  • As you pack discard items you no longer use or need
  • Pack items you don't use everyday first

By packing one room at a time, items will be easier to unpack and organize in your new home. Labeling the boxes will help movers, be they professional or helpful friends, get the right boxes in the right rooms at your new home. This will save you time when unpacking and make it very easy to see if any boxes are missing. Boxes can only hold so much. Overloading boxes can be dangerous, as you may strain muscles and risk injury if the boxes are too heavy to lift and carry. Additionally, overloaded boxes are more likely to fail, thereby creating major mishaps with items spilled and broken. As you pack, create a donation box and put useable but no longer needed items in this box. Then donate these boxes to a local charity, remember to get a receipt for tax purposes. Also, make sure to have a trashcan in the room as you pack. This will allow you to throw away anything that is broken or unusable. Packing items that you don't use every day first, will allow you to start packing earlier and thereby reduce the stress associated with last minute rushing to pack. Following these simple moving tips will help make your move easier and safer.

Once the packing is done, be careful to use common sense during the move to keep everyone safe. While packing and unpacking are the most time consuming tasks of moving, the majority of injuries occur while transporting items. Care and caution taken while carrying boxes and furniture as well as when in the moving vehicle will help get everyone and everything to your new home safely. The following are tips on moving safety:

  • Keep boxes light enough to lift easily
  • Have enough movers/helpers to move furniture
  • If an item is large or awkward use the buddy system
  • Watch for traffic when entering and exiting the moving truck

Following these tips will ensure your move is easier and less stressful. With no injuries, you will be able to enjoy your new home as soon as you are there. There is no need to allow moving to overwhelm you. Take your time and enjoy the adventure of heading to your new home!

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