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Int'l-MoversThe world is but a click away on the Internet and jet air travel makes it possible for us to relocate to anywhere in this great world in just a few hours. Relocating, moving, to a new country is a task maybe not as hard as packing one bag for a week, for a trip to London, but it is more difficult than moving across town, or across the US. The United States Military offers many tips for families relocating abroad. We all know the "mischief" of our belongings. Do we take Little Charlie's first pictures or should we leave them here in the US for our return. Or the person relocating to another county permanently must face the challenge of deciding what to take, what to give away, and what to toss. At twenty years old I moved everything with me. Now at mid-age the crisis is over and I've found so much in my household that somehow lost it's "luster" when I finally gave up the materialism of youth. Another factor is cost. Will it cost more to pack, and ship the sofa and favorite chair than it would cost to buy new for your new home, in a place with styles maybe so different than our own? The old china will it survive or would a new set so please you and your loved ones as you invite new neighbors and friends into your new home, in a new country. Do not forget many countries operate on a different plug type and it might be more convenient to garage sell your small appliances, give them away or even store then than purchase all those adaptors you'll need which might not work long.

Remember moving overseas requires special considerations. It is best to use a professional moving company expertise in packing your clothing, fixtures, furniture, and all belongings. They face a long voyage probably abroad ship. They must be packed to stay clean, intact, and to resist the salty sea air. Londoner's first coined the word "dockering" for those moving overseas. What happens if your favorite chair falls to the dock?

Your job in this international move is to decide what goes, what maybe goes to storage, And find an International Moving Company. We all know as consumers the "advice" of checking out at least three companies, getting three quotes, before signing any contract. As you do this it is important to have set your "dates"; the date to pack, when to store, when to start the move, and of course the date of delivery at your destination. The International Moving Company should help you find local companies to interface with their overseas moving service.

Good dockering! Bon Voyage

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