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Commercial Movers - How To Select a Commercial Moving Company

commercial-MoversA residential moving company may tell you that their experience moving hundreds of home owners qualifies them to move you office, manufacturing facility or warehouse property but it's just not true.

When you've been selected to select the professional movers to complete a commercial move you have been given a huge responsibility and the success or failure of the move rests on your shoulders. So take the time to properly evaluate the choices available and know that your research today can save your company thousands of dollars.

You'll want to start by getting a list of professional commercial movers in your area. You can get a list online or from the phone book but don't stop there. From this list you will then want to create a reference list. Remembering that the commercial movers will only give you the names of their most success moves you need to create the references yourself. Call your current landlord, your future landlord, other business owners and any of the contacts in your list that have recently moved. Ask who they used, what level of service they required and if they would recommend them to you.

The level of service question may be the most important question you ask because there is a huge difference between moving prepacked boxes and disassemble furniture and having a commercial mover come in and do pack and move services. Knowing that the move is in your hands you may want to take a minute now to determine what level of service you will require from your commercial movers too. Will you require all of your people to pack their individual offices or is there time better spent performing their daily duties? It's important to know what will work best for you before getting a moving quote but you can ask for quotes both ways and leave the final decision to last.

Even if you've found that one commercial mover came out on top and was the most highly recommended you will want to get at least three quotes or maybe even five. Having these commercial move quotes in front of you with the recommendation notes will give you a broader choice and ultimately make the move more successful.

After reviewing that the quotes include every moving service you have requested (so that you are comparing apples to apples) go back to each mover and get their accreditations, insurance information and now request their current references. You may notice little change in your ranking of the choices but you do have to consider the current status of each commercial mover because the industry is constantly changing.

Now that you have gather all of the information that is required to select a commercial mover you can make an informed choice and know that your move will be successful, you may even be able to just relax into a supervisory roll for the entire move. With the stress of selecting a commercial mover behind you and the move soon over you will enjoy your new location to the fullest and know you have done a good job.

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